Film to TV adaptations


Though it’s more common for adaptations to work the other way and for TV to be transformed into filmic gold it can also go the other way and downsize to the small screen and could be something occurring a lot more often if NBC get their way. The US company has joined forces with British production company to form Working Title TV.  They have plans to make British films such as Bridget Jones and Billy Elliot into shows and perhaps to move on to Four Weddings And A Funeral and Notting Hill. Another adaptation already in production is a mini-series version of the 1940’s film- noir thriller Mildred Pierce. It will star Kate Winslet in the title role that was  previously played by Joan Crawford, earning her an Oscar. The main story revolves around Pierce leaving her cheating husband and becoming independent whilst struggling to earn back her daughters love. Previous attempts at the transition to TV have been made by Disney, remember those old Tarzan and Hercules series’ on Saturday mornings? Aah memories…

One of the most popular TV series spinoffs was M*A*S*H which ran in the 70’s and 80’s in both the UK and the US and the majority of adaptations produced have been American with only the most popular making their way to us and for many of the most bizarre ones we were left blissfully unaware. For example, currently airing in America is an adaptation of 10 things I Hate about you which after seeing a youtube video of looks absolutely terrible, as did Ferris Bueller which lasted only a few months before it was cancelled, and Dirty Dancing which also only lasted for half a series. These are just a few of the American adaptations we were lucky enough not to see. Let’s hope they can do better with the new lot of shows seemingly heading our way.



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