Can You Guess The Film From The Clothes They Wear?

    So fellow film fans, though you may be able to quote many a classic film word for word, can you identify these following iconic film  characters based on just their clothing? Challenge accepted I hear you say? Well take a look below to see how you fare. The answers (not that you’ll need … Continue reading

Key scenes to be removed from Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad in the wake of Colorado cinema shooting

Due to the tragic events of the cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado in which solo gunman James Holmes opened fire on the audience at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises,the decision has been made to remove and re-edit the upcoming release of Gangster Squad which features a shootout in a cinema. The death … Continue reading

Oz The Great And Powerful Trailer and poster released

Putting aside my intense jealousy at not being at the wonderland of nerdiness, mad costumes and fantastic filmic previews that is San Diego Comic-Con (one day I will get there!), some great things have been drifting our way and the new trailer and poster for Sam ‘Spider-man trilogy’ Raimi’s Oz The Great And Powerful has really piqued … Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-Man

While some were not so thrilled to see our friendly neighbourhood Spider-man swinging back onto the big screen considering the first of Sam Raimi’s popular trilogy was released only ten years ago, it cannot be doubted that there could not have been a more aptly named director to take the helm of the reboot than … Continue reading

The Five-Year Engagement

    For their third collaboration, Emily Blunt and Jason Segel’s relationship has escalated rapidly, from both starring in The Muppets but not sharing a scene they are now set to be man and wife in The Five-year Engagement.  Penned by Jason Segel (Who also co-wrote and starred in The Muppets and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) … Continue reading

Rock Of Ages

    Following the success of the Broadway musical it was almost inevitable that we would be seeing a film adaptation at some point. What was perhaps not so predictable was the casting of Tom Cruise as the volatile rock god Stacee Jaxx, who as it turns out is quite a skilled singer. Being a … Continue reading

Disney Princesses dressed as their villains

Source: Geekologie Oh the things you stumble upon on the internet! As crazy I am about animation and Disney I can’t say it had ever occurred to me what Disney princesses would look like dressed in their villains gear but it has clearly crossed somebody over at Geekoligies mind who have whipped up this frankly awesome picture. Enjoy!