Oz The Great And Powerful Trailer and poster released

Putting aside my intense jealousy at not being at the wonderland of nerdiness, mad costumes and fantastic filmic previews that is San Diego Comic-Con (one day I will get there!), some great things have been drifting our way and the new trailer and poster for Sam ‘Spider-man trilogy’ Raimi’s Oz The Great And Powerful has really piqued my interest. Though it looks a little heavy on the CGI (the arm at the end of the trailer would look better if it were real) the trailer has got me pretty excited. I’m not a huge James Franco fan but he has given some solid performances in the past but it’s the witches i’m most looking forward to. Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis play the the Wicked witches of the East and West respectively, looking liek Kunis starts out good and turns evil over the course of the film. Indie queen Michelle Williams also plays Glinda the good witch (hopefully minus the squeaky voice!). Apparently she chose to do it so she had a film to share with her young daughter as clearly many of her other films are not quite child friendly, Blue Valentine springs to mind. It will be great to see her in a big budget production as it seems such a long time since she was not in an independant film. Overall it looks like a lot of fun and the casting looks strong. Also back-story plotlines can often be really interesting, a fine example being based off of the same story; I’m a huge fan of wicked and if Oz can capture the same amount of fun, fantasy and tongue-in-cheek references that Wicked did, then i’ll be happy. Check out the poster and trailer below and see what you think. The switch in aspect ration and transition from Black and white to colour was a great touch and the stunning poster is a feast for the eyes as well.


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