New Les Misérables Poster and Featurette Released

Any fans of the show (and there appear to be quite a few of us out there) will immediately recognise the layout of the fantastic new one-sheet poster for the upcoming film adaptation of Les Misérables. Simple in its design, the designers have avoided plastering some of the more famous faces faces from the all … Continue reading

James Cameron Will Prove Once And For All That Rose Didn’t Selfishly Let Jack Die In Titanic

  Let’s face it, the mere mention of Titanic will almost always provoke a heated debate about that damn wardrobe door and how Rose was heartless in keeping that ridiculously spacious piece of debris all to herself. After ten years of deliberation, after the films re-release in April of this year a photo was released … Continue reading

Goodbye First Love (Un Amour De Jeunesse)

Goodbye First Love is a tender tale of two adolescents and their experience of the euphoric highs and crushing lows of first love. The intensity of teenage love is something very few will ever truly forget and Mia Hansen-løve’s film paints a fascinating picture in this story of love and loss.  Opening with two teenagers … Continue reading

Your Sister’s Sister

In such times of 3D, advanced special effects and astronomical budgets, Lynn Shelton firmly establishes that bigger is not always better and reminds us that sometimes all you really is a talented cast and a camera.  Mark Duplass (who also features in Shelton’s previous film Humpday) stars as Jack, a lost soul struggling to cope … Continue reading