Breaking News: Seth Macfarlane Will Be The Host Of The 2013 Oscars

After the last two years of slight dissapointment in the Oscar host department, from Anne Hathaway valiantly trying to keep the momentum going as James Franco became more and more distant from the precedings to last year’s last minute replacement of Eddie Murphy with Billy Crystal, the Academy has just announced a more controversial choice; Seth Macfarlane will be next years Host.

Having gained an enormous fan base with Family Guy and American Dad and with the release of Ted earlier this year, Macfarlane is having success after success and is sure to draw in a younger audience, the Academy are always aiming to bring in new viewers, though he is certainly a risky choice. Known for his offensive humour, he may not be to everyone’s taste but being a huge fan of Family Guy i’m definitely looking forward to hearing his material!

Having released an album it’s clear that he can sing and his opening number will surely be something to look forward to though Hugh Jackman’s openein 2009 will be a tough act to follow. Jackman was one of my favourite hosts in years and I was still hoping he might return for next years, perhaps he wants to keep himself free- Les Miserables is bound to scoop up a bunch of nominations!

What do you guys think? Is Seth too much of an acquired taste? Or is a bit of a shakeup just what the 2013 Oscars needs? Post your thoughts below!


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