Silver Linings Playbook

Plot After a stint in a mental institution Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) is determined to get his life together reunite with his wife with the mild problem of a restraining order. He meets the equally damaged Tiffany ( Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence), a young widow and the two form a connection through their mutual … Continue reading

Liz Lemon’s Marriage And Why Spinsters Everywhere Will Be Weeping

Though we all thought that Tina Fey’s spinster alter-ego Liz Lemon would never settle down, announced last week it seems that her rather abrupt marriage celebrations will kick off in just over a week on the 29th November! (For US viewers that is) regardless of the amount of hectic preparations that must entail, for the viewers, … Continue reading


Plot Hack true-crime writer Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke), moves his unwitting family into the house of a murdered family to research his latest novel but after discovering a mysterious reel of  ‘home videos’ in the loft containing footage of other murders, he gets a whole lot more than an inside scoop. Review Though arguably his … Continue reading


Plot Thirty years before time travel is invented (2044), agents known as Loopers are hired by crime lords to dispose of bodies sent from the future, thus eliminating all evidence. One day Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) comes face-to-face against his future self (Bruce Willis) and in his hesitation allows him to escape, forcing him to give … Continue reading