Liz Lemon’s Marriage And Why Spinsters Everywhere Will Be Weeping

Though we all thought that Tina Fey’s spinster alter-ego Liz Lemon would never settle down, announced last week it seems that her rather abrupt marriage celebrations will kick off in just over a week on the 29th November! (For US viewers that is) regardless of the amount of hectic preparations that must entail, for the viewers, there is hardly time to absorb the news before the episode airs.


So it seems that the perpetually unlucky-in-love star of 30 Rock will indeed take the plunge and marry James Marsden’s Crisstopher Rick Chross after all. If you need proof there’s even a photo of the wedding invitation just below.

In typical Liz fashion, grand romantic sentiments are omitted, her unique brand of cynical charm and fondness for snacks (I’m hoping someone brings along night cheese), Liz Miervaldis Lemon will soon be a married lady. While for any other character I can think of, this would be a ridiculously happy event, in the case of Liz there is an odd feeling of disappointment. As awful as that sounds, Liz has become almost the patron saint of the lonely and so much of her humour and appeal come from her romantic mishaps and disgruntled outlook on life.

The thing we all love most about her is that she’s an underdog. Though she’s successful, she isn’t treated as such and she ploughs on, bitter yet eternally loveable as those around her get married and have children but she takes it all in her stride with some snarky humour, insatiable food cravings and killer dace moves, whoever is set to step up as the new idol of the singles will have some pretty big shoes to fill!

It has to be said though; she certainly hit the jackpot nabbing James Marsden, it seems many of us want to go to there, the man is perfect! Though his character in the show doesn’t quite have it all together, that only adds to his charm, he works as a hot dog vendor with very little money but that’s probably an appropriate match for Liz as she never has thing quite together either.

What many of us are looking forward to however is Jack’s reaction to the happy event. Having never really liked many of Liz’s partners, Criss is no exception and though Tina Fey and the rest of the cast and crew have long said that Liz and Jack wouldn’t end up together they have certainly had fun teasing us with jokes and even a kiss (albeit in very odd circumstances) between the two last series.  So while they are clearly kindred spirits it looks like their relationship will remain platonic until the end of the series, nerds!

I always wanted her to end up with Floyd anyway, those two were great together! (see exhibit A):

We won’t have too much of an opportunity to see the wifely side of Liz however as this final series is slightly shorter so only around seven episodes will feature the couple as newlyweds. While the focus of this article has mainly been on those lone wolves among us, soon not only will a single Liz be missing from our screens, she will be gone for good. With the shows grand finale looming closer we’ll just have to soak up as much 30 Rock as possible and take some solace in the  fact that us UK audiences luckily (or unluckily?) can cling on just that bit longer, the final series (seven) won’t even start here until around February 2013. After that it’s all we can do to trust that Tina Fey has a few more screenplays (another Mean Girls-esque one would do just the trick) up her sleeve. Time will tell…

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