Colin Firth and Helen Mirren May Check Into The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

With The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel being one of the most charming films of last year, and still a possibility for some Oscar recognition will soon be receiving some new guests.

 With the original being stuffed to the brim with wonderful British talent, you would be forgiven for wondering who else they could possibly add but rumour has it that Oscar winners and acting royalty Colin Firth and Helen Mirren are in talks to join the cast. Director Joel Madden and Writer Ol Parker are also said to be searching to add an America cast member to the veteran ensemble though no names have yet been revealed.


Progressing from where the last one left off, the story will return to the escapades of Judy Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith and the rest as they continue their Indian adventure. It isn’t yet known how the newcomers will slot into the cast and we’ll be eagerly awaiting which lucky American will be added to the star-studded cast, personally it would be wonderful to see Maggie Smith going toe-to-toe with Shirley Maclaine again as they did in her brief guest appearance on Downton Abbey, a feisty addition would be great to stir things up.


 Who would you like to see join the ensemble? Leave a comment with your suggestions below! 


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