Get In Losers, We’re Going To The Mean Girls Musical!

meangirls (1)

To distract us from the pain of knowing that the hilarious comedy series 30 Rock has now aired its last episode, creator Tina Fey has announced the greatest news ever – the ridiculously quotable Men Girls is going to be a musical!

Speaking at the SAG awards (see the video below), Fey confirmed that she is hoping to start developing the project and that Paramount are on board. Her Husband Jeff, who composes the score for 30 Rock also looks like he will be involved in the composing of the soundtrack and we can’t wait to find out what some of the songs will be, That’s So Fetch maybe? You Go Glen Coco?  And if there isn’t some ‘more Badass MC-ing’ from Kevin and the Mathletes we’ll be having words. Just hearing the words ‘your mom’s chest hair’ belted out in song would be worth the price of admission!

While there’s no news on whether the original cast will be returning  , it would seem unlikely them all to appear in a stage show, Fey joked that Mariah Carey should play the part of Regina’s tracksuit clad ‘cool mom’ after a bizarre Mean Girls related tiff with Nicki Minaj on American Idol. If the original cast (in particular Lindsey Lohan) were to return, there may need to be some creative backstory to explain why Cady looks so much more dishevelled than in film which will be ten years old in 2014, haven’t the years flown?

Let us know your thoughts about the news, is it grool or is Mean Girls too sacred to be revisited? (We’re just going to go ahead and ignore the dire Mean Girls 2). Also feel free to leave comments if any songs you would hope to hear.


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