The Hangover III Trailer Makes a Grand Entrance





The trailer for the eagerly anticipated finale the newly dubbed ‘Wolfpack trilogy’ is as madcap and frantic as expected. Going deeper than the road trip- party route, it opens with Alan going off the rails (if he wasn’t already) after the death of his father. Arranging an intervention the old gang, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Doug (Justin Bartha), decide to take him off to the ‘awesome’ rehab centre New Horizons. Of course Being the Hangover things are not quite so simple as all that and the are kidnapped en-route by John Goodman, hell bent on taking revenge on Chow (Ken Jeong) for robbing him and using the Wolfpack gang to track him down.

Cue, fights explosions, dangling from buildings and other mayhem which all look promising but hopefully there won’t be too much repetition of old material and that the hugely popular series will have a fitting finale.

Check out the video below and look out for the brief cameo from Bridesmaids’ Melissa McCarthy, who instantly makes anything she appears in funnier. I’m kind of hoping her and Alan have a little fling because let’s face it that would be hilarious.

Leave a comment with your thoughts, has the series run out of steam or can’t you wait for one last Wolfpack reunion on the 24 May? Also see after the jump for some more character posters released this week. 





The Hangover 3 Poster

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