Some Stunning Concept Art From Disney’s Frozen



With the release of Disney’s latest animated feature Frozen this week, I wanted to share some of the concept art produced in the development stages of the production. Many of these images were released at Disney’s D23 Expo earlier in the year.

With the idea for a film based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen long in development at Disney, there were many different ideas and concepts from the beginning. Anna and Elsa were not initially going to be sisters and in fact, Elsa, who has gained a huge fan following already, was once destined to look like this:


Rather than this, the somewhat more elegant  figure she became:


Moving on to the rest of the characters, there are some beautiful  expression boards below which I always enjoy seeing, they are often a  great indication of the personalities of the characters before any trailers or clips are released.

Anna, sketched by Jin KimFrozen Anna features




…Elsa (also Jin Kim)


…And Olaf the snowman by Hyun Min Lee


Here is another, featuring Anna and Elsa by Brittany Lee and and Kristoff by unknown


As for the artwork for some of the locations and to establish the general ‘frozen’ theme, this is really where the art department have excelled themselves. These surpass even some of the amazing Tangled concept art:

A Frozen Arendelle – David Womersley

Forest in Arendelle with Kristoff, Anna and Sven – Lisa Keene. She has produced some of the most beautiful images.


And the best ’till last by Lisa Keene:


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  1. Emily Savage AKA Frozen's #1 Fan says:

    Kristoff is also by Brittany Lee.

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