My Top Ten Films of 2012

So please forgive me for being a few days late with my top ten films of last year but I was too weighed down with food and alcohol to get to my laptop for a few days! And besides, there were a few last minute films I had to watch lest they get missed out … Continue reading

Liz Lemon’s Marriage And Why Spinsters Everywhere Will Be Weeping

Though we all thought that Tina Fey’s spinster alter-ego Liz Lemon would never settle down, announced last week it seems that her rather abrupt marriage celebrations will kick off in just over a week on the 29th November! (For US viewers that is) regardless of the amount of hectic preparations that must entail, for the viewers, … Continue reading

Film to TV adaptations

  Though it’s more common for adaptations to work the other way and for TV to be transformed into filmic gold it can also go the other way and downsize to the small screen and could be something occurring a lot more often if NBC get their way. The US company has joined forces with … Continue reading